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Call For Submissions


CALLING WRITERS AND ARTISTS is the new kid on the block with is allE-format. Currently we are a non-monetary paying market. However, we do offer publishingcredit as compensation for pieces as well as compensating with some freesubscriptions to our portfolio service and the webzine itself.


The webzine and content is geared for creative people. Writefor other writers, create art for other artists, inspire, entertain, andgenerally allow your personality to shine through. We are seeking short tomoderate length fiction, articles on the creative lifestyles, and otherinformative articles on issues pertaining to the creative arts.


While currently we’re only accepting shorter pieces, from500-10,000 words, we will be accepting some longer fiction in the near futurefor e-book publications. We are not limiting genre but are targeting analternative and artistic audience. We are most interested in fantasy, mystery,horror, and literary works that fall under experimental genre categories.


In artwork, we are looking for pieces that are of highquality and resolution. Images must be sent in .jpg format at the moment andfull credit will be given to artists as well as a non-monetary compensationpackage. The same genre preferences apply to artwork as writing. However, we donot limit ourselves to those genres.


Our submission guidelines can be found in more detail or you may email us


Thanks in advance,


Editor in Chief

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