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Call For Submissions

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment of your time to announce that Indie is now up. Our first issue will be up on March 9th and we still have a few slots open for that issue. To be considered for the premiere issue, submissions must be in by Wednesday March 7th at 12:00pm US Central time. All submissions received after will be considered for subsequent issues.

Our Submission Guidelines can be found under the LJCUT below. Or by visiting the site at

Send all inquiries to and submissions to

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Submission Guidelines

Calling all writers and artists!

We need content.  is all E-format. Publishing credit is the compensation for smaller pieces, however right now, we will be compensating with some free subscriptions to our portfolio service and the webzine itself.

The webzine, and our other content, is geared for creative people. Write for other writers, create art for other artists, inspire, entertain, and generally allow your personality to shine through. We are seeking short to moderate length fiction, articles on the creative lifestyles, and other informative articles on issues pertaining to the creative arts.

Send all submissions to:

Sumission Guidelines:


Short Fiction: 800-8,000 words.

            We accept short stories and some serial fiction for publication in our webzine. While there are no restrictions as to genre, we are seeking quality work with original ideas and voice. Compelling characters and story tend to catch our eye as well as enthusiasm for the work from the author.

            We encourage artists to query first so that the appropriate editor can request manuscripts as needed for publication.

            Queries should be little more than 1,000 words and should include a summary of your work along with an explanation of why you feel we should publish it.


Essays and Articles:  500-4,000 words

**Please Query Ideas Before Submitting Manuscript**

           We are seeking essays and articles on all sorts of informative subjects pertaining to the creative arts. This includes, but is not limited to: Tutorials, Reviews, Articles on specific tools of the trade, Local Art Scenes, Techniques, Gallery Reviews, and anything else that would be of interest to the artistic community.

           Due to the nature of our publication, we do ask that you propose articles and essays rather than simply submit manuscripts. Query your concept and send us samples of your writing. Take a journalistic approach. We will be seeking some permanent columnists for paid work in the near future.


All genres will be accepted. Art should be submitted in high resolution JPEG, JPG, format. We MUST be able to resize and crop (with approval) for fit on the site. Pieces featured will require the artist to be available for an interview and will often result in multiple images being associated with a staff-written review. So please send between 3 and 5 images per submission.

Accepted art forms include but are not limited to the following:

  • Traditional Artwork
  • Photo Manipulations
  • Digital Art
  • Graphic Arts

Art/Writing Combinations in the form of Digital Graphic Novels and Comic Strips are also accepted. However, the submission process is different from the Art Section.

For Graphic Novels please query with a story synopsis and samples of your artistic style. Inks, pencils, full color, and story boarding is all acceptable. Be sure to include images in high resolution JPEG format for easy viewing.   


Music Reviews:
We are looking for bands that produce original music.Do you and your group write and produce your own music? Do you have a unique sound? Are you trying to reach a wider audience and generate some press?

If so, send us a press kit and demo.

While we currently do not have bandwidth to support all the local musicians we would like, we do offer a review service. Send us your digital music demo for review along with a band/artist bio and press kit. Our staff will begin selection of musicians to feature on our webzine beginning with our April issue.

Artists chosen will be subjected to an interview for the feature article and will receive promotional slots on our site for free for that month.

Film Reviews:
Independent filmmakers will find few avenues for promotion on the web.  Just as with music we want to promote these artists.

Send us your trailer in digital format for review along with a synopsis and digital press kit for your film. Our staff will review and feature an independent film in every issue we have films available.

Like with our music reviews, filmmakers will be allotted promotional space for announcements of premieres and showings of the film in their local (and maybe not so local) area.


Thanks for reading and submitting!
Samantha A. Branham
Chief Managing Editor
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