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A thought...

This is X-posted. Sorry to those who have to hear me complain more than once.

I was wondering why so many publications say they are looking for a fresh voice.  I wonder how many of them are really telling the truth. I have been getting many rejections lately that seem to say how I made it to their last few, then decided against it because it doesn't fit with the other stories. I realize this is a good thing to make it that far (even in Byline Magazine), but why does it seem that I'm getting punished for having my own writing style? Since when did everyone change their guidelines to write all the same old crap? So, if I want to make it into their mag, I have to write a half dozen stories under different names so they can all go together to avoid them losing their precious "flow"? I can understand if it doesn't fit the type they are looking for, but I don't think that's the case if the story gets past everything to the final selection.

Ok, I've blown out some of my steam and feel much better now. Thank you for listening to me rant on.
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