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One Wish

I wrote this poem a couple years ago; it's dedicated to my dad (he's in the Army National Guard).

One Wish

Up in the starry sky
Oceans of stars way up high
Wishing on a shooting star
I wish you home from way, way far

In the clear blue sky with floating clouds
Where the sun shines so proud
Out in the wind so free
I only wish you here with me

On rainy days with skies so dark
With nothing of a sunny spark
Looking like it's close to night
I wish you here to hug me tight

When end of school starts the fun
Under the blazing summer sun
What fun it will be in the pool
I wish you to come and stay cool

I miss you and love you in every way
From the crack of dawn to the end of the day
I wish you here to hug me tight
I wish you here with all my might
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